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manage your energy costs
with a pro-temp controller
With Pro-Temp controllers, your cost savings and
ability to evaluate, control and manage your hot
water systemor espouses begins immediately.
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A few of our success stories
Case Study Savings
Condominium Complex Saves Money on Energy $19,731
Conservation Is Key For This Luxury Complex $42,397
William’s Cove Savings
Woodland Ridge Apartments
Ohio Army Reserve
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Significant Savings,Year After Year!
Reduces your energy costs by 25% or more
Increases life span of your hot water system 3-fold
ROI can be measured in weeks
You CAN have it all. Whether you are responsible for a small multi-occupant building or several large, complex facilities, a Pro-Temp controller will revolutionize the way you manage and evaluate your hot water heating costs.
Variables that effect the heating cycle - seasonal temperatures, demand, vacancy level, etc.- are programmed and monitored. Program different day and night temperatures, boost heat to meet early morning demand, eliminate high temperatures during off peak hours. Hydronic controllers for home space heating and domestic hot water controller models are available.
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